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Conflict and Education – An Interdisciplinary Journal

Engaged Research – Informed Policy – Improved Schools

Our Mission

Conflict and education are two forces that have the power to transform societies, and each other. How both are managed, both separately but also in relation to each other, can prove to be the tipping point in whether countless lives will be lived in prosperity or hardship. The purpose of this peer-reviewed journal is therefore to bring this critical nexus to the forefront of research, policy and practice.

Conflict and Education invites scholars, practitioners and policy makers of all disciplines to contribute to this critical dialogue by allowing different perspectives to come together and collaborate on resolving critical issues. It is our belief that these issues can only be addressed by including the different perspectives that come from multidisciplinary and inter-professional collaboration. The discussions we seek to foster revolve around the following key questions:

  • How does conflict affect education delivery?

  • How does education affect the evolution of conflict in societies?

  • How can education best be delivered in conflict-affected societies?

  • How can education be used effectively to manage conflict?

  • How does conflict change the nature of schooling?

  • What are the gender dimensions of the conflict and education nexus?

Ultimately, the aim of Conflict and Education is to create a strong research and evidence base that will lead to further research, and, most importantly, inform better policy and practice. This journal is committed to upholding the highest standard of scholarly integrity, while remaining faithful to the needs of those teachers and students whose futures Conflict and Education seeks to help.

This journal is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Jacqueline Kirk, whose selfless work and ultimate sacrifice working with teachers and students in war-ravaged societies has set the standard for those following in her footsteps. Conflict and Education seeks to serve as a forum where others may build upon the work of Dr. Kirk, and continue to build upon her legacy.

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